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Episode 03 - Darian Wigfall, Jess Luther, Karate Bikini

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Darian Wigfall runs the record label and artist collective FarFetched whose artists consistently push musical boundaries. The collective itself is working to redefine how independent musicians approach the business of making and releasing their art.

We talk to Darian about the history and evolution of FarFetched, along with a couple of large upcoming projects from the label and collective that will drop in January 2018.

We also chat with Jess Luther of local music blog I Went To A Show. She shares some info on the Art of Live Festival, which takes place in St. Louis in January 2018.

And we also share a track from the new album by power pop band Karate Bikini.

Upcoming Shows

12/22 - Gaslight - The Lab - Circuits, Synths, and Syncopation

12/26-12/29 - Off Broadway - Pokey LaFarge (first night solo)

1/13 - Firebird - FarFetched Prolog 7 release party

1/13 - Off Broadway - The Mighty Pines and Falling Fences

Every Monday night - John D. McGurk’s Irish Pub - Kevin Buckley and Ian Walsh



A collection of songs by bands referenced in the episode, including Karate Bikini, Tristen, CaveofswordS, The Knuckles, Lee Ann Womack, and more.


A collection of delightful live performance videos from Karate Bikini, FarFetched artists, and Art of Live Festival performers.

Watch on YouTube


I Went To A Show

Art of Live Festival

Karate Bikini

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