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Episode 01 - The Blind Eyes

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The Blind Eyes were one of the most popular bands in St. Louis during their career, from 2007-2014. They fused ‘60s and ‘70s pop songwriting with a tightness and urgency inherited from first-wave punk. The band broke up in 2014, but decided to reunite for one more show in 2017, to benefit a cause personal to them.

This episode features two interviews with lead singer Seth Porter, one from just before the band’s initial break-up, and another from just before their reunion show. Together, they show how being in a band means much more than what happens on-stage, and how the relationships formed from such an endeavor mean more than the music and good times.



A collection of songs by bands referenced in the episode, including the Blind Eyes, Kentucky Knife Fight, the Buzzcocks, the Beach Boys, and more.

Concert Posters

Check out a collection of Blind Eyes concert posters from throughout their career, including several posters from shows referenced in the episode.

Ep 01 - The Blind Eyes

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A collection of delightful live performance videos from the Blind Eyes career, and one from Kentucky Knife Fight.

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Photos from the Blind Eyes final show

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